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How We Cater!


You will need to choose your menu! You can use the options that we have included, create your own, or mix and match. We have provided some fun, wonderful and favorites of all the menus we have done, to give you an idea and some guidelines to work within.



       You will choose your level of service. A more casual event may require a lesser level of service. It also depends on the amount of work, set up and clean up you and your family will be able and willing to do the day before, day of and morning after your event. Your location will also dictate the level of service that may be required for your event, as well. Many rental properties require a more extensive clean up and service package while private locations are more open.

      We will work closely together to tweak your menu and service levels to make sure that it is right for you and your event.


The service levels are broken down into percentages instead of set rates. Why? Because service levels are very menu dependent! More appetizers or pricier menu items take more time and manpower to prepare and cook, to set up and to serve. We have been catering for many years now, and have found this system to be easy to understand and financially viable for our catering customers. It ensures that you are getting all the services that you want, that no detail is forgotten and that you are not left with surprise clean up or additional surprise fees when additional services are requested.

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We keep our food prices VERY low, they are in line with our restaurant menu pricing. Catering, of course, requires a complete staff and hours and hours of labor as well as supplies. The expensive part of catering is the service, but we would like you to have choice in the level of service your event requires

     The service percentage package you choose pays for catering fees, supplies, travel, equipment, as well as hourly wages for cooks, clean up crew and servers. It does not include any additional gratuity, that would be included at your discretion and is entirely your choice!

There is an 8% tax that will be added on to the food portion of your total (before the service package amount).

Service Packages

All Packages Include

All packages are based on a four to six hour event.

An experienced and knowledgeable staff that will help in any way, leading up to and during your event

Unlimited consultations through e- mail and phone with a very experienced wedding and event planner

 Tastings (upon request, not all menu items are available for tastings)

In person meeting (not necessary, but great if we can!)

Unlimited menu planning and design

Floor plan/ logistics and event detail guidance

Day before walk through

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Basic Service 35%

  •  Buffet style service for dinner

  • Disposable plates, silverware and napkins provided by us

  • Full set up and service of any stationary appetizers

  • Buffet tables and any other appetizer tables set up by you

  • Clearing of food related plates and trash during dinner service

  •  Catering area cleaned entirely after dinner service

  •  Food related trash removal

  • Does not include any clean up after dinner, no water station or glass filling, no cake or coffee set up, cutting service or clean up)

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Basic Plus 40%

  • Includes everything listed above, plus:

  • Service of stationary and passed appetizers

  • Filling and maintenance of water stations (containers provided by you)

  • Cake cutting and plating (minimal clean up, though)

  • The basic service levels do not include any staffing or clean up once dinner service has commenced. This means that a good portion of the set -up and clean up will be up to you. Works best for more casual style affairs and a family and friend base that is willing to help out a lot!

302 Smokehouse-34.jpg

 Intensive 45%
(with late night clean up)

  • Includes everything listed above, plus:

  • Small (75 person) plated and served option

  • Family style bread/ salad option

  • Clean up and restacking of rented dish and silverware (75 guests or less)

  • On table water filling

  • Rinsing and restacking of water glasses

  • Cake cutting, plating and clean up

  • Coffee service set up and breakdown

  • Late night crew (1-2 person) stays until end of reception to clean up from dinner, dessert and coffee

  • Final walkthrough from crew no later than 10 p.m.

  • Great for a larger buffet style with appetizers and a more extensive level of service. Would leave you with much less clean up and much less day of work for you.

302 Smokehouse-32.jpg

Intensive plus 50%

  • Includes everything listed above plus:

  • Buffet or plated up to 150 guests (fee for more than 150)

  • Help setting up and setting of guest tables (candle lighting, glasswear out, up to 1hr of help in table setting)

  • All plate clearing, rinsing and restacking

  • Glass restacking

  • Champagne pouring and glass restacking

  • Late night clearing of guest table decor items and linens

  • 2 staff members on hand to clean during duration of reception

  • Next day (morning) clean up and walk through of reception area

  • The ultimate package. Leaves you and your friends and family with very little wedding day clean up!

  • Please keep in mind that we cannot take any recyclable trash and bottles with us if we have not provided the bar for you. If you choose to provide your own bar services, you will be responsible for taking or disposing of those recyclables, our liquor licensing does not allow us to take it.

302 Smokehouse-82.jpg

Delivery and pick up services 10% plus

  • Some smaller and very casual events may desire pick up of hot and ready food or delivery and set up. We would loan you chafers and pans in which your food can stay hot, as well as serving utensils. In both cases, you will be responsible for returning all items to us, rinsed, no later than two days after the event. We will hold a credit card number as deposit for borrowed items.

  • There is an additional $150-$200 set up fee for setup option with deliveries.

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