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Catering Menu

Menu Choices And Pricing

Don’t forget the 8% sales tax!

These Prices & options are priced as an add on fee for Booked Events 

       Keep in mind that these are just some samples!

We are happy to get playful!

Appetizer Options

Stationary platter

$8 - $12 per person
A really wonderful and lovely “cheese and bread board” style platter. We use funky cutting boards and antique bowls and platters to add a fun and funky design and layout. It is definitely NOT your boring crudite platter! It includes breads, crackers, cheeses, fruits, veggies and dips. The platter takes up a full table and very much offers something for everyone.

Mini Lobster rolls

market price, but around $12/each
Mini lobster rolls with shredded lettuce. You can choose between traditional lobster salad style or hot, buttered style. A favorite for a Maine wedding!

Buffalo Chicken Balls

$6/ each
A favorite! Homemade buffalo chicken balls. Shredded chicken rolled with buffalo sauce and cream cheese. Breaded and fried. Served in a little cup with ranch dressing to dunk. A fun handheld appy.

Mini fish and chips

$7 / each
We put a bit of homemade tartar in the bottom of a small cup and fill it with a homemade, hand breaded fish stick (haddock with panko breading) and fresh cut fries.


$7 / each
We have tons of options here… mini cheeseburgers, pulled pork, eggplant or chicken parm. We can offer on or a variety.

Mini Grilled cheese

$6 / each
A grilled cheese triangle (variety of breads and cheeses) in a small glass with a dipping sauce (marinara, creamy horseradish, tomato soup…)

Philly Steak & Cheese Eggrolls

                                                                     $6 / each

Shaved steak with peppers, onions and cheese, rolled in a wonton wrapper and fried.                                     Served in a small cup with a dollop of Thai Chili

Dinner Op tions

These prices and menus are the minimum per person… You may choose to add extra sides, upgrade to our wonderful Maine Berry salad or mix and match. These are estimated prices and guideline menus.

Upscale BBQ - $32

Our most popular menu option!

 Smoked Pulled pork in house BBQ

Chicken tenders in white BBQ

Two different slaws
Homemade cornbread
Choice of two different sides

House salad

Italian - $32

    Pasta (Cavatappi, Linguini, spaghetti...)
Alfredo, Marinara or Fresh Pesto      

Homemade Meatballs

Crispy eggplant
Traditional or Butternut Squash Lasagna

Primavera or Scampi

Fresh Garlic bread

 Caesar salad

Classic Elegant options - $40

Choose between options such as:

Baked haddock
Herb Roasted chicken with cranberry walnut stuffing
Maple roasted pork with cornbread stuffing

Slow roasted Pot Roast
Prime Rib

With roasted or mashed potatoes

Roasted vegetable

Fresh breads


Thanksgiving - $30

A full Thanksgiving meal with all the fixings!
Roasted Turkey
Maple Ham
Mashed potato (regular and sweet)


Creamed pearl onions and peas

Green bean casserole

Cranberry sauce


Fresh breads

Some Fun Station Style options - Prices Vary

Prices are estimates & per person
$25-$30 per person 

Taco Bar

Enough tacos for 1-2 per person

Seasoned ground beef and chicken (vegetarian options as well)

Hard and soft taco shells
Lettuce, tomato, onion

Salsa, guac and sour cream
Add on options for rice and beans and other taco
“Upgrades” available

Build your own slider station 

Slider buns
BBQ pork and/ or chicken
Caramelized onions
Pickle and hot pepper plate

Mac and Cheese Bar or baked/Mashed potato bar

Homemade mac and cheese with fun topping to choose from such as:
Buffalo chicken


Stewed tomatoes

Wild mushroom saute

Green onions


Station style weddings are really great, especially with limited space. When you pick a couple of fun stations and add some passed food it presents plenty of food in a casual “cocktail party” style reception.

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