While we remain open, we are offering a limited menu for lunch during the week. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Take out is available.

Lunch Menu available Monday through Friday 11-4




El Gordo’s Nacho Grande- These will ruin you for all other nachos!

Start with a base of refried beans, add 2 layers of fresh tortilla chips, layered with cheese and chunky salsa casera. Served with salsa and sour cream. -10.50. Add fresh guacamole. -2.50

207 Skins

Penobscot potato skins, fried ’til crispy and topped with crispy bacon and cheese blend. Served with a side of sour cream. -10.50. Add BBQ smoked pork, brisket or chicken. -7.50

Philly Steak Bomb Egg Rolls

Shaved steak with peppers, onions and cheese, rolled in a wonton wrapper and fried. Served with creamy horseradish and sweet chili sauce. -12.50

Wicked Good Wings

Jumbo whole chicken wings with blue cheese, celery and carrots. Choose Nick’s Ass Kicker, Buffalo, BBQ, Teriyaki, Sea Salt and Vinegar, or Jamaican Jerk. -12.50


Homemade Clam Chowder

Creamy, homemade clam chowder.  -bowl 7.50   -crock 6.00

Homemade Chili

Traditional beef chili served with melted cheese and tortilla chips.    -bowl 8.00     -crock 6.00

Crock of French Onion Soup

Homemade French onion soup topped with croutons and swiss cheese. Baked in the oven until brown and bubbly!   -6.50

Simple Garden Salad

Mixed greens and fresh vegetables topped with your choice of dressing.  -11.00 whole   -8.00 half

Caesar Salad

Romaine tossed with croutons, fresh cracked pepper, shaved parmesan cheese and creamy Caesar dressing.   -10.00 whole  -7.00 half

Smokehouse Chopped Salad

Iceburg and romaine lettuce with chopped tomatoes, shredded carrots, crumbled bacon, and a hard boiled egg with ranch dressing. Topped with tumbleweed onion.   -11.00 whole   – 8.00 half

Geeky Greek Salad

Crispy romaine lettuce, Kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, pepperoncini, cucumbers, chick peas, drizzled with homemade Greek dressing. Served with a big wedge of Naan bread.   -11.00 whole   -8 half

Winter Squash Salad

Mixed greens tossed with apple cider vinaigrette and topped with roasted butternut squash, dried cranberries and feta cheese. Finished with candied pecans.   -10.50 whole  -7.50 half 


Smoked Chicken – Smoked Pork – Smoked Brisket -7.50        Chicken Breast -7.50        Steak Tips -8       Salmon -9

Substitute sides for salad on any sandwich for $4.00


Maine Burger

Big half pound burger, chargrilled with cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickles on the side. Served with fries.  -12.00  Add bacon  -1.50

Grilled All American Goodness

Basic flat burger retro basket. Two thin burgers fried on the flat top and layered on a thin bun with melted American cheese, crispy lettuce, and pickles, Served with fries.   -11.50

BBQ Sandwich Plate

Choice of applewood smoked chicken, smoked brisket or smoked pulled pork. Served on a soft buttered bulkie roll with homemade pickled onions, pickles, fries and slaw.  -13.50

Nemo Melt

Crispy old school battered fish on a bulkie roll with melted cheese, lettuce and red onion. Served with slaw and fries.   -12.50

Bad Ass Reuben

Thinly sliced corned beef, piled high with fresh sauerkraut and Swiss cheese with Thousand Island dressing. Grilled and served with fries and slaw.   -13.00

Fried Clam Roll

Whole bellied clams, fried and stuffed into a bun with shredded lettuce. Served with fries and slaw.   -13.50



Santa Fe

A flour tortilla grilled and filled with roasted sweet corn, cheese, salsa casera, peppers and onions. Served with refried beans, sour cream and guacamole.   -14.00

El Paso

A flour tortilla filled with your choice of smoked chicken, smoked brisket or smoked pork. Grilled with roasted sweet corn, salsa casera and cheese. Served with refried beans, sour cream and guacamole.   -16.00

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