Kids Menu


Just like it sounds! Order one of these appetizers and it will come right away. That way you can feed your hungry little piggies and keep em busy too!

No Whine
Carrots, cucumber slices & celery with Ranch dressing, cheese & crackers – 8

Little Jose
Kid sized nachos, cheese & salsa w/ fresh chips – 6

Mozzarella Sticks

Served with a side of marinara -8

Gee Whiz Too Much Fun

A can of cheese wiz with assorted crackers -10


Kid size Meals. Can substitute French fries with applesauce…GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

Psaghetti Eddie
Spaghetti & Sauce or just Butter & Parmesan Cheese – 6.50

Cheese Quesadilla

Plain cheese quesadilla with side of salsa, sour cream and fries – 7.50

Kraft Mac & Cheese
yup…from a box! – 6.50

Mr. Chicken
chicken tenders & fries – 8.00

Fearless Fido
all beef hot dog in a grilled bun with fries – 6.00

Kids Burger
fresh chuck, no junk, mini burger on a grilled bun with fries – 8.50 (add cheese .50)

Spready Freddy
PB & J sandwich with fries – 6.00

Waffles for Dinner

Toasty Belgian waffles topped with whipped cream and your choice of either chocolate chips or maple syrup. -8.00


Potato and cheddar filled pasta pockets topped with butter and parmesan cheese. -8.00

Annie O’s

YUP…right out of the can – 6.00

Super Sailor

A small sized version of our amazing fish & chips! – 9.00

Grilled Cheese Louise
grilled cheese sandwich and fries – 5.50

Mini Moo
6oz sirloin tips, fries & veggies – 10.50

French Bread Pizza
2 cheese French bread pizzas. Served with fries- 9.00

Mom’s Revenge
liver and onions with a bottle of ketchup, served with lima beans – PRICELESS


Dessert, of course!

Mini Hot Fudge Sundae

With a cherry on top. -6.00

Mini Cookie Sizzler

Fresh baked chocolate chip cookie with ice cream & hot fudge and whipped cream. -6.00

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