We said something BIG was coming!!!!!!







YOU can win a trip to Las Vegas ~


on us!!!!







Two nights ~ air fare, hotel~ and some spending money while you’re there!


Read on, for ALL the details!!!!



We have your “passport” here for you…



We will have 4 “stamps” available every week, SUNDAY thru THURSDAY, for SIX weeks. 






We will have “COUNTRY” stamps, and “USA” stamps ~ we will have new stamps available every week… 


(for example: Have some Corned Beef and Cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day, and get your Irish Stamp!!   Get it??? )



You need SIX stamps, (no duplicates stamps ~ you can’t get the same country or state more than once!!!) (and no sharing “passports”!) and then your “passport” goes into the super secure location… and you get another “passport” and another chance to win!!!!



We will have a BIG party in May to draw the winning passport out of the suitcase ~


you do NOT have to be at 302 when we draw the winner…



~but if you are here, and you’re passport is picked, you will win an extra BONUS prize!!!! 






Also, every time you get a stamp, your name will be entered for a special secondary prize at the BIG party when we pick the suitcase winner…

(you DO have to be there to win that prize!)



The available “stamps” will be posted every day on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM ~ and of course here at the good old 302!!!! 



You can win!! 


Come in and play with us ~ and we’ll help you get out of town!!!!!!!!