Get these specials now, cause they won’t be here much longer!!!







For a LIMITED TIME ONLY  (only a couple more weeks!)  we have some great specials for you!!



Every Sunday we are offering ALL YOU CAN EAT  BBQ Ribs dinner



(with ff and slaw)



starting at noon, and going til we close.




Its a phenomenal deal at only $15 !!  Don’t miss it, cause it won’t be here much longer!!!!






For only the next couple of Mondays, we will have the awesome FISHERMAN’S PLATTER that so many of you have enjoyed, from 5:00 til we close…




loaded with fried haddock, fried clams and scallop fritters, along with ff, coleslaw and tartar sauce…




all for only $17.00.   A total bargain, that you really don’t want to miss!!!