The lazy, hazy days of summer have come to a close…



School is back in session.  {so be careful driving through those school zones!}









Fryeburg Fair will be here in no time.



But there are plenty of gorgeous deck days left, so make the most of them!  We’ll be here ready to help in any way we can!




Of course, many of you are probably aware of the rising tide of excitement as we welcome FOOTBALL SEASON!!




[check out below for the Patriot’s schedule, and don’t miss a single game!]







And don’t miss out on our Tuesday TEAM TRIVIA, either… every week ~ at 8:00


Everyone is welcome ~ our regular teams would love to challenge some newbies!!


This session is sponsored by SEBAGO BREWING CO., lots of fun raffles, give-aways and prizes ~ not to mention all the bragging rights you get if you win!!



Embrace these end of summer days ~ get out there and enjoy yourselves!


Come and see us, for Monday oysters, Tuesday Trivia, Wednesday wings {89 cent wings back for all day, all night, as promised!!}, Friday open mic, Sunday brunch and wait…yes, FOOTBALL on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays!