A few reminders!

Just some quick reminders:



Wing Wednesday is back to an all day / all night affair… 89 cent wings, a dozen different flavors…and don’t forget to get salad and dessert!



Team Trivia is still at 8:00… until after Columbus Day, then probably back to 7:oo, so keep that in mind!



Brunch is still awesome and goes from 9:00 til 2:00  (regular menu kicks in at 11:00 as well, so lots to choose from), but FOOTBALL is back and the ONLY downside to FOOTBALL SUNDAY is that Carlos won’t be serenading us through Brunch for a while…


But he is part of our 302 family, and he will be back!!



Check him out on his website here to find out where you can catch him…



Love you Carlos!!!!!!



Fryeburg Fair is coming… You will get awfully thirsty there, so come here when you’re done and we will fix that for you!!




🙂       🙂     🙂      🙂      🙂      🙂