TUESDAY TRIVIA has moved to 7:00 for you!!

Yup, we’re all excited about it!  These winter nights make it tough to make plans that go too late, eh?


We listened to you, and changed it up!




Saco River Brewing is our sponsor for this round, and they like to participate in the trivia craziness, so come pit your wits against the best beer brewers in town!!










We raffle off their goodies too – Growlers, Howlers, Glassware, stickers, etc… it’s all fun and it’s all free!!!


RANDOM examples of last week’s trivia… how would you have done?


33 people got together to found this non profit society in 1888…


Where do you find the initials YKK?


What do the Capulets and the Montagues, and Steve Harvey have in common?


How many pieces of candy are in a regular size roll for the PEZ dispenser?


What decade gave us Tupperware?


What significance does March 16th hold with regards to Phil’s activities?


What US state capital translates to “sheltered harbor”?


Indonesia is home to what kind of dragon?


What American Idol winner also won Grammy for best new artist in 2007?


It’s a state capital whose name begins with the last 4 letters of the state’s name…



Everyone’s welcome, and now you’re invited!


See you on Tuesday!