It’s the most wonderful time of the year…


(Are you singing with me???)


(Don’t know the words???)


(Click here for the lyrics!!!!)


And click here for an awesome list of must see Christmas classics!




We love the Christmas season.


And why not? There’s so much to love…


The music, the twinkle lights, the kids, the food, the seasonal drinks…


But it’s not just that, is it?




It’s a quiet magic that permeates the air around us.  People are generally a little softer and gentler with each other.


Even the Bah Humbugs in our lives (and we all have them!!) talk a big game, but we catch them humming a Christmassy tune (of course, mostly from “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”, haha….)



If you take a minute, you can sense it…maybe it’s the snow that muffles some of the harshness, but I like to think that it really is about “the most wonderful time of the year”…



And with that, please read on.


We have so much going on this month – stuff you need to know!!



In the meantime, everyone here at the 302 wishes everyone in your home, a very joyful, and safe, holiday season.