302 RIVERSIDE…. (207)256-3151

Wait… you don’t know what 302 Riverside is????


You NEED to know!


Let us ask you a question…


Have you ever tried to order TO GO food from us, and maybe we didn’t answer the phone, cause we were so busy?


(We do know we’re guilty of that… but not because we don’t want to talk to you… we really are busy!!!!!!)




Well, now you have an alternative!  302 Riverside is an actual TO GO option for you.


***Call from your home or while you’re on the road… (207)256-3151


***Call from the waiting line (you can even use our phone!) here at 302…(207)256-3151


***Head on over and order from our friendly staff behind the counter (207)256-3151… then meander over to Saco River Brewery and enjoy a beer while we box up your order!


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