AUGUST IS HERE. How did that happen????

August is the beginning of the end of summer…



School will be starting up soon. Too soon for some, not soon enough for others (depending on if you’re the kid or the parent??!)




And on that note, school buses will be back on the roads, with all our precious cargo, so please drive carefully and look out for those school zones!!




Did you know?



Just a few of the famous birthdays in August:



Mother Theresa


Annie Oakley


Davy Crockett


Louis Armstrong


Alfred Hitchcock




A few of August’s  historical events:




MLK Jr., gave his famous “I have a dream” speach.


Columbus set sail for the new world.


Lincoln set up the first income tax.


Richard Nixon resigned.


And Woodstock happened!  (Peace, love and BBQ, baby!)




August.  Not bad for the history books.  For us, it’s perhaps less historical, and a little more about beach time, beer time, hammock time, finally reading that novel, gardening time, drive-in movie time, and just good old family time…



Enjoy yourselves.


And come see us!!