This month, all we wanted to put in our newsletter was our very sincere Happy New Year wishes to you, from your 302 family…







Are you ready to say goodbye to the old year?













Are you ready to welcome the new year in?













It’s hard not to feel nostalgic about it all… As the kids are gearing up to head back to school, and the relatives – home for the holidays – all head back to their worlds, as our vacations draw to an end, as the leftover leftovers get tossed out, and the decorations come down for another year, it’s just hard not to feel nostalgic.





We’ve had a good year with you. Lots of fun, lots of delicious food and fun drinks… some great sports events, some awesome music, and all shared with really good friends. For that, we thank you.






And while 2016 has had a lot of good times, we know it was tough for a lot of you too. We’ve been honored that you chose to share so many of both the good and the bad days with us.




We have some exciting events planned for 2017.  We are putting together new menu items (and bringing back some old favorites!), we are plotting the best ways to entertain you, whether it’s with music, treasure hunts, trivia contests or community events, and we are really excited about all of it!




We hope that one of your New Year’s resolutions will be to spend more time with us, ’cause we love to reinvent ourselves for you – give you more reasons to want to be part of what we love doing so much. We’ve been putting our heads together, so stay tuned.  You won’t be sorry!!



Happy New Year everyone.


Be safe, be happy, and hopefully be here!!  See you in 2017!