SEPTEMBER… really?

And there went the summer…in the blink of an eye. Crazy, ain’t it?





And what a great summer it has been.  Deck days have been awesome. And when those hot days and nights were upon us, our air conditioners miraculously worked really well!


Deck days are far from over, though…sunsets don’t stop when the kids go back to school! Come grab one of those prime seats and take it all in…






3069339299_c89b742516_z (1)
Fall days aren’t really here yet, for sure, but there’s a sense of it in the air. There’s a hint of that magical smell in the air – especially on some of these cooler early mornings we’ve been having. ┬áKids are back to school, docks are being put away, wood is being stacked in preparation for the inevitable winter cold… fall is so many people’s favorite season. So we welcome it in with you {but we look will be looking forward to the next First Day of Summer Party, nontheless!!}



And by the way, it’s FOOTBALL SEASON!! Bring it on, and let’s have some fun!