Tues, Wed and Sundays…a little different in the summertime!

Things do change up a little with the awesome craziness of summer…



TUESDAYS:   We take a little hiatus from our very popular $2 Taco Tuesday.  Looks like that’ll be back after Labor Day though…so stay tuned!!



WEDNESDAYS:   We always change this up from July 4th til Labor Day weekend.  This summer, our famous JUMBO WINGSDAY will still be available, but only until from 11:00 a.m. til 6:00 p.m.  So come early to enjoy those wings!!



SUNDAYS:  Don’t worry…still having brunch with Carlos every Sunday!  Just tweeking the menu side of things a little.  Brunch menu available from 9-2 as always…but now you can also enjoy a specific LUNCH menu as well (from 9-3).  Then the full dinner menu will kick in at 3:00 for you, along with our ever changing dinner specials created just for you!