Our deck days just get better and better every year!  The tent is up, the new bar rail and new high top tables out there have enhanced it so much!  Sunsets, cold beers and margaritas have never been better… come and check it out!




So much going on this month…changing up our loyalty program (check out the “Loyalty Card” article for all the info!), SIN nights (that’s NEW, so read all about it further down in the newsletter!) working on the new menu (look for that towards the end of the month!), fabulous trivia session sponsored by Moat Brewing Co. (and yes, we did win BEST TRIVIA NIGHT in the valley… come find out why!!), the Belmont Stakes (June 11th), Father’s Day (June 19th), our 6th annual FIRST DAY OF SUMMER PARTY  (check out that article too, for all the info!), and of course the constant conspiring we do to come up with ways to “DO MORE FUN STUFF”!




We’ll also be finding out who won the fabulous $250 value getaway to the Driftwood Inn on Bailey Island …  we will pick the lucky winner at our First Day of Summer Party (Monday, June 20th)… It might be YOU!!!