We took a chance on something new when we changed up our Loyalty Program…


Some of you liked the whole idea, some of you, not so much!!  We really have tried to listen to what you had to say about it all.


Its true that we like to think outside the box whenever we can…and this program had some facets that worked REALLY well, and absolutely, we concede, some parts that didn’t.  We learned a lot about YOU.  We learned a lot about our community.  And we learned a lot about ourselves too!


So having said that, we might just be changing it up a little bit again on June 1st…so stay tuned for more info as we figure all this out and THANK YOU for your support while we continue to strive to be better and better at all this!!!



NOW…as a THANK YOU to all of you who really did support our efforts, we have an awesome RAFFLE for you!!!







Usually whenever you come in and we swipe your loyalty card, we enter you in our end of month $50 gift card drawing…but not this month.


This month from May 1st til May 31st, when we put your entry in our jar, it’ll be for a fabulous coastal getaway for two…a $250 VALUE!!


On May 31st, we will put the jar in a secret place and then we will draw the winner’s name at our FIRST DAY OF SUMMER PARTY  (Monday, June 20th) (biggest party of the year!)


This is really exciting stuff!  And we will give you more details on the WHERE the getaway will be as we sift through the best choices for this…


Enter every time you come in, and increase your chances!!!!