So, you all really seemed to appreciate the percentages off your bills Sunday thru Thursday…so let’s do it again!





(We do need to tweek it a little, cause we really want to keep offering everyone our on-going  great deals)




So, in a nutshell, you will absolutely get a percentage off your bill Sunday thru Thursday NOT INCLUDING  our in-house already heavily discounted specials:


So the loyalty discounts will not include  Monday $1 oysters, Tuesday happy hour drinks, appys and $2 tacos, and Wednesday $.89 wings…


( And obviously, your card and it’s discounts are not transferable to another customer … unless you are picking up their tab of course!!!)



But other than that, you are good to go!!


Not sure what percentage you can get?



5% Bronze discount is for customers who have up to 500 points on their loyalty card…



10% Silver discount is for customers who have  501 – 1500 points on their cards…



15% Gold discount is for those of you who have 1501 – 3000 points accumulated…



and the big one:



20% discount is for our Platinum customers who have over 3000 points!


(Whoa…makes you want to change levels, doesn’t it??)