Ours is an extended community that really strives to make a difference…the kind of community who cares about its neighbors…who worries about those less fortunate… who feels for those going through hard times….and who wants to help.


Tell us who you want to help!  Contact us here at the restaurant, by phone (207-935-3021) or via email. We will work with you, in our continued effort to support different charities, schools, organizations or causes, by letting you benefit from the Sunday Charitable Dinners. Every month we will choose one of your causes to promote and support. At the end of the month, we will add up the TOTAL FOOD SALES for each Sunday in the month and donate 10% of that to them.  We will also help them in raising even more money, with the Drive-Up Chicken Dinner fund raiser during their month.


February’s FRYEBURG PROJECT GRADUATION  really used the opportunity and had supporters in every Sunday…great job!!