By very popular demand…


Sunday Brunch just got even better.  Now that Football Sunday is over, we are delighted to have Carlos back to enhance your 302 brunch experience!


Every Sunday, he’ll be playing from 10:00-noon…taking a little break, then back from  1:00-3:00



If you haven’t heard him croon his way through our brunch, you should definitely come down and see why we are so excited to have him back!!






We say every Sunday…but there are two exceptions to that:


1.  Sunday, March 6th,  Jonathan Sarty will be here for a one time only fill-in for Carlos!!!  We don’t get the opportunity to have Jon here for you often, so please do take advantage of it, and come enjoy the music!


2.  Sunday March 13th we will not have live music, as it is our MARCH MAYHEM FUNDAY!!!!  (so we won’t have live music, but that’s not to say it’s not really fun entertainment if you want to be a spectator for our craziness.  Come on in and enjoy brunch and cheer on your favorite locals!!)


Other than those 2 exceptions, you can come on in and relax to the magic of Carlos and his guitar… See you Sunday!!