Our team trivia is a lot of fun. You don’t have to be “wicked smahht” to win (just ask any of our winners!)  but you do have to like having a good time!  Lots of free raffles, fun prizes for every round of play, and always a great final prize. The questions are different every week – always a little sports, always a little music – and then who knows. It’s such a mixed bag.  A little something for every walk of life.  Want us to have a specific category one week?  Let us know! We love using your input and ideas.




Our grand prize this session is a catered superbowl party for your whole team!!!!!







And now, through the month of November, along with Bob’s famous “attic prize” (gotta be here to get in on that whackiness!) we are going to raffle off a $25 gift certificate to all the teams that are playing that they can use the following week towards their tabs!!!