So we’ve had a lot of new people sign up for our community rewards program…and we thought that we should reprint the details of how it works for anyone who is not sure of what it’s all about…


And that’s the first thing about this rewards program: if you’re signed up, you will get ALL the scoop, on ALL the stuff that’s going on here in a monthly newsletter. (The 302 Buzz…The Way News Should Be!). You’ll be “in the know” for the events, the promos, the entertainment, etc…


Okay, so rather than the same-old, same-old loyalty program, we decided to create ours with the desire to actually SAVE you money on stuff you want and need, to let you know more about some family owned businesses you might not have known about, and maybe give everyone a little incentive to shop locally. Sound good so far?


It’s simple: Every month we will feature a local business. If you shop there, or use their services during that month, and you have our 302 loyalty card…you get a discount. Then just bring your receipt to us, and we’ll give you the points on what you spent! Whoa…cool, isn’t it?


The point system is different too. Rather than give everyone the same reward when they hit the same point goal, we want to make the rewards more fun! Every month, we are going to offer different in-house specials and fun ways to increase your point totals. The point system will no longer revert back to zero when you hit the 500 mark. The points are going to accumulate for the entire next year…and we are going to have a tiered program:

  • Bronze loyalty member: 0-500 points
  • Silver loyalty member: 501-1500 points
  • Gold loyalty member: 1501-3000 points
  • Platinum loyalty member: 3001 points and above


We are also going to give away a $50 gift certificate to one of you at the end of every month…Just put your name and number on the back of your points value slip we give you and throw it in the box. Enter as many times as you use your card with us!


We know it’s different, but we really believe we can offer you so much more with this program. Confused by any of it? Just ask us. We are so excited to involve our whole community in this – with you, we can make this work!

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