August In-house Specials!

For everybody with a 302 card:


– Get double points on your 302 card every time you spend more than $69.00 all month


– Order a craft bucket of beer -and get a 1/2 price app on Thursdays and Sundays.  Our craft beers are always changing but usually include such great options as  Tuckermans Pale Ale, Goose Island IPA, Spiked Seltzer (new!), Baxter Summer Swelter and many more.



SILVER MEMBERS and above: 


– Enjoy our Prime Rib on a Saturday night and get seconds on us- to eat here or take home for a delicious sandwich the next day!




GOLD MEMBERS and above: 


– Order an entree and get a hot fudge sundae on us! Who doesn’t love a little hot fudge after enjoying dinner with friends?!



If you reach the PLATINUM MEMBER level this month you will receive a $20 gift card!