ALL of our smoked meats are slow smoked in house and prepared using hickory or apple wood. Don’t forget to try our homemade 302 Smokehouse BBQ sauces which complement them perfectly!  Substitute your sides with a demi salad for $2.00. Buy an extra basket of cornbread $6



St. Louis Style Spare Ribs
All natural pork ribs, dry rubbed and slow cooked in our wood smoker. Served with fries BBQ beans and slaw. Lip smackin’ finger lickin’ good!   Full Slab – 25 Half Slab – 15


Pulled BBQ Platter

8 oz of pulled pork, smoked brisket or Applewood smoked chicken. Served with homemade pickled onions, fries and homemade slaw.  -15


BBQ Sandwich Plate

Choice of applewood smoked chicken, smoked brisket, or smoked pulled pork. Served on a soft buttered bulkie roll with homemade pickled onions, pickles, fries and slaw. -12


Family Style Dinner  serves 4-6 people

Full rack of ribs, pulled BBQ chicken, pulled BBQ pork, mashed potato, mac and cheese, slaw, and cornbread. Choose a whoopie pie or cookie sundae for dessert! -53


Beef Shortrib Dinner

Tender beef shortrib braised in our secret sauce with mashed potato, crispy tumbleweed onions, gravy, cranberry sauce and vegetable of the day. -20


302 Pig Out

A huge tray to gorge on! Brisket, ribs, smoked kielbasa, fries, slaw, a biscuit, pickeled onions and pickles! -25






Chef’s Hand Cut Tips

Dry rubbed, 12oz. handcut tips, cooked to perfection. Served with veggie rice pilaf and vegetable of the day. -21


T-Bars Spud Tips

Tips placed on top of fresh crispy Penobscot potato skins that have been loaded with cheese and baked in the oven. Served with choice of sour cream or creamy horseradish. Add BBQ or teriyaki if you like. – $19



Steak of the Day

Your server will tell you all about today’s amazing steak special.


302 Country Fried Chicken Dinner

Fresh crispy fried chicken cutlets served with mashed potato, homemade pepper gravy, fresh hot biscuit, cranberry sauce and vegetable. -20


Surf and Turf

6 0z of dry rubbed steak tips and 6 Bam Bam shrimp. Served with fries and slaw. -20






Chicken Parmesan

Hand breaded and seasoned chicken breast, lightly fried and topped with marinara and fresh mozzarella. Served with linguini and marinara and warm garlic bread. -17


Homemade Spaghetti & Meatballs

Three pan seared, slow roasted meatballs served in homemade plum tomato marinara sauce with shaved parm. Served with garlic bread. -16


Pesto Pasta

Sautéed bella mushrooms, with grape tomatoes tossed with fresh pesto and shaved parm, served over linguini. -15

Add grilled chicken -7  •  Add grilled salmon -9




Route 1 DETOUR 



Old School Fish and Chips
Double breaded, crispy on the outside flaky in the middle, fried haddock. Served with fries, house made tartar and slaw. -17


Fried “Clam Shack” Platter
Huge portion of hand breaded and deep fried, whole belly clams. With fries, tarter and slaw. -23


Pistachio Encrusted Roasted Almonds

Oven roasted salmon filet encrusted in pistachios. Served with sundried tomato cream sauce over veggie rice pilaf with grilled asparagus. -21



Baked Haddock

Baked haddock on a bed of spinach and potato rounds with a light lemon cream sauce and a honey ritz crumb topping. -19



ala carte sides

Fries -2                             Onion Rings -3                               Veggie Rice Pilaf -2

BBQ Beans -2                  Mac and Cheese -3                       

Mashed Potatoes -2 (w/ gravy .50)

Fresh Vegetable -2         House Slaw -2        Baked Potato -2 while they last                        

Corn Bread side -2, basket -6





el gordo’s Mexican Connection



Fish Tacos

Fried haddock in flour tortillas with slaw, homemade salsa and chipotle sauce. Served with fries. -15 (3 tacos)


Smoked Chicken Tacos

Smoked chicken with corn, salsa casera, shredded lettuce, cotija cheese and a drizzle of chipotle sauce. Served with fries.  -15 (3 tacos)


Veggie Burger Tacos

Crumbled veggie burger (beyond beef, soy free) simmered with taco seasonings, fresh black bean, corn and pineapple salsa with shredded lettuce and a drizzle of avocado aioli. -15 (3 tacos)


Beef Shortrib Taco

Pulled beef shortrib in our secret sauce with tangy slaw, red onion, tomato and cilantro. -15 (3 tacos)





Santa Fe

A flour tortilla grilled and filled with roasted sweet corn, salsa casera, peppers, onions with cheese. Served with refried beans, sour cream and homemade guacamole. -13


El Paso
A flour tortilla filled with your choice of smoked chicken, brisket or pork. Grilled with roasted sweet corn, salsa casera and cheese . Served with refried beans,  sour cream and homemade guacamole. -15





Sandwiches and Burgers


All with choice of  fries. Onion Rings (add $1)

Substitute your side with any demi-salad for -2

Add an UDI’s gluten free roll for $1


Bob’s Bitchin Q
All natural pulled BBQ pork, served with bacon and topped with pickles, tangy Carolina slaw, tumbleweed onions and cheese. This is a towering Q of genius! Served with fries. -14


BBQ Sandwich Plate
Choice of applewood smoked chicken, smoked brisket or smoked pulled pork on a soft buttered bulkie roll with homemade pickled onions, fries, slaw and pickles. -12


Portabella Sandwich

Portabella mushroom cap marinated in honey balsamic and grilled. Stuffed with goat cheese, spinach and roasted red pepper. Topped with chipotle aioli on a grilled brioche bun. -12


Nemo Melt
Crispy old school battered fish on a bulkie roll with melted cheese, lettuce and red onion. Served with fries and slaw. -12


Kielbasa Sub

Lightly smoked kielbasa on a grilled sub roll with peppersd, onions and spicy honey mustard. -12



Vegetarian Burger

Our “Beyond Beef” burger is so much like a real burger you will be amazed! Served with lettuce, tomato, and cheddar cheese. -12



Grilled All American Goodness
Basic Flat Burger Retro Basket
Two thin burgers fried on the flat top and layered on a thin bun with melted American, crispy lettuce and pickles. Served with fries. -10.50



The Frye Burger

Our famous 302 burger chargrilled and towering high!  Topped with tumbleweed onions, pickles, cheese and 302 West special Burger sauce. Served with fries. -14.50



Maine Burger

Big half pound burger, chargrilled with cheese and, lettuce and tomato and fries. -11  •  Add bacon -1





Appy and Bar Bites







You can top your salad with any of our smoked meat (chicken, brisket or pork) for $7. Chicken breast -7 or steak tips for $7.50, Salmon -9. Substitute a demi salad for your sides on any entree or sandwich side for $2.


Simple Garden Salad
Mixed greens and fresh vegetables topped with your choice of dressing. -10 whole/-7 half


302 Caesar Salad
Romaine tossed with croutons, fresh cracked pepper, grated parmesan cheese & creamy Caesar dressing. -9 whole / -6 half


Smokehouse Chopped Salad 

Iceberg and romaine with chopped tomatoes, shredded carrots, crumbled bacon and a hard boiled egg with ranch dressing. Topped with crispy tumbleweed onions. -10 whole/ -7 half


Beet and Goat Cheese Salad

Spring mix with pickled onions and fresh beets tossed in an orange vinaigrette with a goat cheese crostini. -10 whole/ -7 half


Arugula and Parmesan Salad

Arugula tossed in a honey balsamic vinaigrette with shaved Parmesan, pistachios and grape tomatoes. -9 whole/ -6 half




Homemade Clam Chowder

Creamy, homemade clam chowder. 6.50 bowl/ -5 crock


Chef’s Soup

Changing selection of homemade soups and stews



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