Appys & Bar Bites

El Gordo’s Nachos Grande – These will ruin you for all other nachos.
We start with a bed of refried beans, add 2 layers of fresh tortilla chips and chunky salsa casera and top with tons of melted cheese. Served on a big tray with some crispy lettuce and fresh salsa and sour cream. -11.50 / -8.50 for half order

Add guacamole -2.50


Make It El Piggy – Style your own nachos!
Add your choice of smoked pulled pork, apple wood smoked chicken – Add -6.50


207 Skins

Penobscot potato skins, fried till crispy and topped with Pineland Farms cheese blend, crispy bacon, with a side of sour cream or creamy horseradish. -9.50



Wood Smoked Trout Dip

Maine Smoked Trout blended with savory spices and herbs. Served with sliced cucumber, diced red onion, tomatoes, and capers with warm tortilla chips and a side of Buffalo sauce. -12



Buffalo Chicken Balls 

Homemade Buffalo style smoked chicken rolled with Pineland Farms blue cheese crumbles, cream cheese and carrot and celery hand breaded and fried. Served with buffalo sauce, celery and carrots. -10.50


Hot Balls

They’re Baaack! Better than before. Spicy cream cheese and fresh jalapeños rolled into spicy little breaded balls. Fried and served with chips and salsa. -10



Wicked Good Wings

Jumbo whole chicken wings with blue cheese, celery and carrots. Choose Buffalo, BBQ, Teriyaki, BBQ Jerk, Sea Salt and Vinegar or Jamaican Jerk.  -9.50


Rib Appy

All natural smoked ribs. Seasoned with our dry rub and smothered with BBQ sauce -11.50




Clam Basket Appy

Hand breaded and fried. Whole belly, the way they should be. With fresh tartar sauce. -11.50


Fat Bastard Sampler-Huge shareable platter
4 wings, half rack of ribs, 4 Buffalo chicken balls and tower of Onion rings. Served with bleu cheese, carrots, celery. -22


Tower O’ Rings

A tower of big, hot, fresh onion rings. Served with sriracha mayo for dipping. -6.50


Coconut Shrimp

Hand battered shrimp with a hint of coconut. Lightly fried and served with thai chili dipping sauce. -10


Bam Bam Shrimp

Battered and fried shrimp lightly tossed in a slightly spicy “bam bam” sauce. -10


French Fry Frenzy

Crispy fries (waffle) with melted cheese, fresh garlic and jalapeno. -8

Add bacon -2





Chowder of the Day
Chefs whim of a wonderful, creamy chowder. – crock 5 – bowl 6.50




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